Most Fortunate Candidate?

The article linked up above asks the question “Mitt Romney: The most fortunate candidate in the race?” The basis for this question is the recent hardships of the other republican candidates: the accused 13 year affair of Herman Cain and Rick Perry’s poor performance at national televised debates. The answer seems yes when you take into account that while other candidates are doing poorly Romney is holding steady in the polls. However when you look at the fact that both the Gingrich and the Obama campaign are claiming Romney is a “flip-flopper” on political issues. Mr. Gingrich in a radio interview stated “I wouldn’t switch my positions for political reasons [with reference to Romney]” and the Obama campaign is showing clips of past comments of Romney to his current comments on certain issues shows that Romney might not be the luckiest candidate. Romney in responds to these claims states that the Obama Campaign must be scared of him in the general election or dodges the questions from Gingrich. Also the other topic brought up in the article is what Romney is doing in his campaign. Romney has been avoiding answering question from reporters, attacking the president with such lines as “He’s never had a job. I think to create jobs it helps to have had a job. I have.”

Now I’m going to warn you from this point on these are my opinions, not the articles. First from this article and other news sources I have gathered that it seems that the entire Republican primary election seems to be imploding from acquisitions of sexual misconduct, flip-flopping and mudslinging. The strongest point I can think of is the comment the President said when asked about his campaign strategy. Obama said he would probably just replay the Republican debates. I feel that the Republicans are really hurting themselves in this primary and it is evident and a wise tactical move by the Romney camp to not focus on other republican candidates but to attack the President. The fact that the President is fighting back gives Romney’s campaign more legitimacy and raises it out of what I see as the political rodeo of the Republican Primary. However the point at which Romney loses me is how he is attacking the President, stating he has never had a job and there for can’t make jobs for the American people. The fact is Obama has had a job and Romney just opened up the change to respond with comparing Obama’s job to Romney’s job performance outside of the White house. The fact that Romney and his Campaign thinks Obama hasn’t had a job is hilarious. I’m sorry being a law professor for 12 years is not a job I guess anything less than being CEO of and investment firm isn’t considered a job for Mitt Romney. Seriously if you are going to point out flaws in your opponent please at least make sure that they are true and can’t be proven wrong by a 10 sec internet search that goes step by step on what Obama has done, see link

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  • shinnsm  On December 2, 2011 at 2:31 pm

    It is interesting: Romney has been playing it super safe and when first Perry then Cain began to overtake him in the polls, they imploded on themselves without Romney having to raise a finger. Now that Newt is in the “anti-Romney” spot, it will be interesting to watch if his campaign suffers the same fate or if there will actually be a battle for the nomination.

    I still wonder if Pawlenty would have had a shot if he stuck around longer. It’s possible; we’ve already seen Newt’s campaign come back after it was declared dead suring the summer.

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