The Race for Cain’s Supporters

With the suspension of Cain’s presidential campaign yesterday, a scramble has been set off to appeal and pick up his supporters. Cain’s defiant suspension, in which he declared he “would not go away,” was received with many of the candidates with expressions of sympathy and support. As the above article mentions, Gingrich has chance to gain the highest advantage from Cain’s departure, using this to further his momentum and maintain his frontrunner status. Whether or not he can capitalize on this is to be seen, though. What is for sure, however, is that most of the candidates can gain from Cain’s drop out, from front runner Gingrich to third tier candidates such as Santorum or Paul.

Cain’s announcement that he would endorse a candidate in the near future has further set off a firestorm, as whichever candidate picked up that endorsement would undoubtedly gain a major asset and advantage. Cain’s endorsement would give further weight to the “anti-Romney” candidate. The New Hampshire Union Leader’s endorsement of Gingrich has already reshaped the race in New Hampshire, casting doubt on Romney’s unambiguous lead. An endorsement by Cain for Gingrich could further reinvigorate his campaign, while an endorsement for another candidate could quickly throw another wrench into the equation. With Cain’s broad appeal and Tea Party backing, his endorsement has the potential to change the race significantly more than the last candidate to drop out’s endorsement: Tim Pawlenty’s endorsement of Romney. Overall, Cain’s endorsement has the potential to drastically reshape this race, and he continues to maintain and control a significant portion of power for the race despite having dropped out.

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