Carl Person

When I was researching the candidates for my candidate report I came across an article talking about Carl Person and thought it was interesting.  Carl Person is currently running for president and is very unknown.  His background in the professional field is impressive by, graduating third at Harvard law and owning his own small business.  This article however is speaking of how he ran for attorney general of NYC last year.  The election was, what i am guessing, a disappointment since he received only .82 percent of the votes.

I found this information interesting since he is currently running for president.  The question I asked myself and I think most people would after seeing this is why?  If he can’t even get one percent of the votes for the attorney general position why would he think the presidency would be different.  This right away made me question his credibility and  reasoning for trying the run for the most important position in the world when he clearly isn’t qualified for the job.


The article is found at

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