The Huckabee Forum

The Huckabee Forum I think was an interesting way of presenting the ideas of the six Republican candidates that participated. The fact that each person had the same amount of time allowed each an unbiased chance to present their views, which was a concern of Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann. The candidates were asked a broad spectrum of questions and gave strong answers. The areas that I feel they gain the most ground was attacking the President on the subject of healthcare with comments like Mitt Romney’s “Obama care is about taking over a hundred percent of the people’s insurance” and Michelle Bachmann’s “if we do absolutely nothing Obama care will be implemented and it’s going to change the face of the country forever.” The other areas that were mentioned were education and immigration. The comment of Bachmann on immigration that illegal immigrants cost the tax payers $113 billion dollars per year was a real winner with voters because of her focus on fixing the budget. I also found it interesting that Mitt Romney focused on his support for No Child Left Behind and praised President Bush for this because from our reading this week we saw how being associated with Bush really hurt the McCain campaign and could be a liability for Romney in the future. The forum had two important factors for the Republican Party. The first factor is that each candidate was presented separately which allowed the focus to be on the issues and not the candidates attacking each other, so voters could focus on issues that they feel strongly about and associate it with a Republican candidate. The second factor was that it was an Obama bash fest, the audience got to see an extend period of “this is what Obama has done wrong”, this is an important point because the Republican Party got free advertising hurting the President. So overall I think that I would honestly like to see this form of presenting the candidate in the general election because it allows for a focus on the issue and not on slinging mud at your opponent. I think if they had a thirty minute period for both Republican and Democratic candidate and then a normal debate between the candidates would be more informative then past debates that I have seen.




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  • Ian Fong  On December 6, 2011 at 6:42 pm

    It was very interesting that some of the questions asked by the attorney generals didn’t pertain to current issues like healthcare or the economy but to republican ideology. These questions included, “Who is your favorite Founding Father” or “What is their view on states’ rights and federal rights?”. This not only allowed viewers to see how a candidate is able to think on his feet but it is a topic that many people can follow and understand.

    Other than that, each candidate had their strengths and I really enjoyed this format over debates (although debates are really fun to watch). Like you said, it helped candidates explain themselves more deeply rather than just trying to comment or defend themselves against attacks from other opponents.

    • annwatt  On December 6, 2011 at 9:17 pm

      Good point–a way that a primary forum might be different from a general election debate.

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