The recent success of Newt Gingrich in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida has now raised the question “Can Gingrich beat Obama?” According to the survey done by Quinnipiac University, Gingrich would have a hard time and that Romney would fare better in the general election with Romney getting 45% of the vote and Obama 42%. The article also brings up an interesting point that the former frontrunner in Florida use to be Herman Cain, so I personal think it is too soon to declare who Republican voters should vote for in the primaries. The primary season is just beginning and as voters we get to see if any candidates have skeletons in their closets or mistakes they will make. The last interesting point is that the three states Gingrich is surging in have low approval rating for Obama and voted for Obama in the 2008 election. So it will be interesting how these key swings states vote in the general election.

The interesting thing about this poll is that it both asking what the Republican voters want and who can win versus Obama. I have to ask what does the Republican party want more? So if the Republican voters pick Gingrich but polls suggest Romney will win the election who will the party pick? I can’t tell and only time will tell but I hope that the Republican primary doesn’t become what do the polls say instead of what the Republican voters want.

I also really don’t like polls on the general election coming out in the primary season because of how far ahead the election is. The land scape of America could be drastically different and because a poll early on said X candidate won’t do good a year ago but would be great at the moment in time doesn’t make sense. The thing is these polls can’t truly predict the election so why are they being done? The other thing is that they do effect elections. The point is as voters we shouldn’t listen to polls but vote for the candidate who we believe would be best for the country, not who will win and you kind of agree with.


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