Cain Political Cartoon

This is a political cartoon I came across earlier this week.  It came out around a week ago in the Arizona Star.  Though the author is a Republican it is obviously attacking Cain and attempting to destroy his credibility but unless you look at it rhetorically you may miss some of the ways it does so.  We all know about Cain and how he’s been accused of affairs and that’s the first thing that many people would get from this that the author was simply bringing up just the affair issue in order to make Cain lose credibility. This is true, however I think there’s far more to it than that.  The next thing you probably notice is that Cain is being comforted or consoled by Bill Cliton, who as we call know dealt with a similar issue in the Monica Lewenski scandal. I think that the author did this in order to further destroy reputation and credibility by showing him being consoled and comforted by a member of the opposing party.  The third and final thing you notice is probably the man on the right with the cell phone. I think this is an attempt to make Cain lose female supporters by mentioning his wife along with the affair situation.   This is what I think the author was trying get across when he made this.  It’s pretty amazing how much rhetoric you can find in one picture like this.

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