Gingrich Doesn’t Fare Well With Independents

               With GOP candidate Newt Gingrich surging into the frontrunner position for the Republican nomination, President Obama may have the 2012 election in the bag. According to recent polls, republicans really love Newt Gingrich and appear to be rallying around him for the Republican nomination. That’s all well and good except for one really big problem: No one else likes him. Democrats and independents alike hold very low favorability ratings for Gingrich. In a recent poll, only 31 percent of independents hold a favorable opinion of Gingrich, compared to 48 percent to view him unfavorably. This is lower than independent approval ratings of Mitt Romney, who had a 12 point average advantage with independents when placed head to head with Obama. If the Republican Party chooses Newt Gingrich, he will be entering an election with independents already heavily opposed to him.

               So why do independent voters dislike Gingrich? I think he is disliked because he hasn’t shown the best ethics. He reportedly pressed his first wife to sign divorce papers while she was still in the hospital recovering from cancer surgery. After the divorce, his first wife had to take him to court to get him to contribute for bills before the utilities were turned off. While he was with his second wife, he began an affair with a congressional aide and continued throughout the Lewinsky scandal placing himself and his party in great jeopardy, before filing for divorce in 1999. He also wrote 22 bad checks with government money during his term in the House. Gingrich is notorious for being immature as well. Part of the reason a government shut-down occurred in 2002 was because House speaker Gingrich sent a “tough budget resolution” to former presided Clinton after he complained of being asked to sit at the back of a plane instead of at the front with Clinton.

               It’s understandable why independents and democrats don’t like him, but I want to know why do Republicans seem to like him so much? Would they really give Gingrich the nomination even though Mitt Romney appears to fare better against Obama in the polls? The GOP nominating Gingrich would be incredible good fortune for the Obama campaign. It seems like it will all come down to whether Republicans will realize that nominating Gingrich is a terrible idea before or after they have done it.


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  • hartwe60  On December 10, 2011 at 10:57 pm

    I agree that these are concern that matter but who are we to say what the Republican voter wants. If the Republican voters want Gingrich they get Gingrich. The Republicans need to say “do we want to beat Obama, or do we want to represent the wishes of our voters?”

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