The rise of Gingrich

The six republican candidates will be meeting for the Iowa presidential debate. However the pressure is on a different candidate this debate. Newt Gingrich has the “bulls-eye” on his back since he has been surging in the polls. Currently Gingrich is the front-runner according to the national polls and Iowa, South Carolina, and Florida polls. The increase in his numbers is both a gift and a curse because it has increased the attacks from the Romney and Ron Paul campaigns. Alex Castellanos, CNN consultant, has voiced concerns about the Republican establishment believing Gingrich will mess up and take the whole Republican ticket with him. The interesting thing will be how the other candidates attacks Gingrich and if he stays positive. The important point about this debate is that it is that the last chance that the candidates will get a chance to address the voter before the Christmas holiday and the Iowa caucus.

The article says one line that I think says a lot, “Fewer candidates on the stage makes a big difference. The closer you get to the altar, the less voters look at which candidate they want to date, and the more they consider who they can marry and live with for a long time.” This is true and the hard thing about being a republican candidate is that you need to focus on both the Obama and the other Republican candidates. This is bad because I feel the same way Castellanos feels that one of the candidates will burn it all down for the others since they are constantly attacking each other. Newt Gingrich has the lead now, but Mitt Romney is close and I think that these two candidates will be close all the way up to the convention. The thing the Republican Party and the Republican voters should be worried about is that the candidates don’t burn it down before their candidate faces Obama.



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