So many Debates! Good or Bad?

The Republican Debates they just keep coming. Julian Zelizer in his article “How the debates are helping the GOP” brings up this point. The number of debates it seems has increased with not only Fox and CNN holding debates but even Donald Trump. Yes tune in to see if Trump says “you are fired” on national television. The other point Mr. Zelizer raises is this good for the GOP? Zelizer believes that it will be an advantage to the GOP because the voters will know the GOP candidate and Obama will have a hard time getting a “shock-factor” when he attacks the GOP candidate.

I however think that this will not be an advantage. The debates as Zelizer himself states are not places to find substance and just making your opponents look bad. So if we decide our presidents on who can talk best this country we fail, this country needs the best leader for the struggles that we face as a nation. The President shouldn’t be chosen based on debates but debates, voter interaction, their plans, and their past. I’m worried that our politics is moving farther and farther from selecting the best leader and who looks the best. Now making your opponent look bad is good when the other candidate is from the other party but when you are tearing up your own this is bad. The number of debates I see is bad it is just more times for mistakes, for example Saturday’s debate.

The mistakes that I saw in the Republican debate held by CNN on Saturday were Mitt Romney betting $10,000 dollars, Romney’s in ability to defend his past positions, and Rick Perry clearly attacking Gingrich without directly attacking him. The Romney mistake is bad because who bets $10,000 dollars, he just distanced himself further from voters who are in tough economic times. Romney’s in ability to defend his pass positions fuels the image of “flip-flopper” and when he gets angry about it hurts him by showing he has no control over his emotions. The mistake I see with Rick Perry attacking Gingrich is that Rick Perry didn’t say it directly to Gingrich and for the Republican Party your killing one of your best candidates. The facts are when you hear Rick Perry talk he sucks, by attacking Gingrich you drag your party’s ability to win. The worst part is it is the last act of a desperate attack from a dying campaign.



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