The last Republican debate before the Iowa Caucus had all of the main contenders for a presidential nomination present.  The article goes in depth on all of the candidates and analyzes all of their debating strategies.  This debate, to most people, doesn’t hold much interest, but to those that know of the importance of it, find it very interesting.  This is because of the nature of the debate.  This debate is the candidates last chance to present their reasons to be president before Iowa holds a major primary vote.  This vote not only tells the public who is going to win Iowa, but also is so publicized that it can influence future votes to the public based on the results.

In the debate each candidate acted in a different way based on their current position in the polls. Rick Perry, for example, is praised for finally getting his voice out.  He was stated to be comfortable and confident, but is this too late in the race to gain him these last minute votes?  Also Michelle Bachmann was talked about by using her typical aggressive strategy.  She tried to attack her opponents, and get herself heard.  While these two candidates were aggressive with their debating strategy the front runners Romney and Newt were in a much more defensive mode trying to not offend anyone going into a debate.  This showed how based on the position in the current polls a different  strategy of attack was taken when dealing with this debate, with those in the lead being defensive and those on the edge being aggressive and trying to gain last minute votes.


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  • shinnsm  On December 17, 2011 at 11:32 pm

    I found it interesting how Romney really tried to stay above the fray in this debate. In the previous debate, he actually attacked Newt, but this time he avoided doing so. The lower-tier candidates didn’t hold back, so I guess there wasn’t even a reason for Romney to pile on. Newt was on defense the whole time, but he doesn’t seem to mind that role. I didn’t appreciate his condescending tone he used toward some of the other candidates, such as Bachmann.

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