Please Stand Up

“Will the real tea party candidate please stand up?” by Rebecca Stewart asks who will take the tile of Tea Party Campion? Herman Cain’s dropping out of the race has created a power vacuum which the other candidates are trying to fill by pointing out why they are the Tea Party’s candidate. Bachman has clear ties to the Tea Party but Ron Paul claims that he started the Tea Party with his 2008 presidential campaign. Even Newt Gingrich has thrown his hat in by airing and ad saying he is the “original tea party.”

However according to Mark Meckler and Amy Kremer, national coordinator of the Tea Party Patriots and Tea Party Express chairman, disagree. “I don’t think they have claim to that title,” Meckler states. I happen to agree with Meckler and Kremer. The Tea Party was a grass roots effort made by political frustrated people who wanted their voices heard and for a time was an exciting moment, but sadly like most things dealing with politics got corrupted by the two political parties. The event I’m talking about is how Republican candidates put on sheep’s clothing and try to pass themselves off as Tea Party members which was a key part to the success of the Republicans in congress. The truth is the Tea Party started around 2008 and still we see only Republican and Democrats as the main powers in Washington, now I’m not bashing the Tea Party but what I hate seeing is it being used by another political party.

The Tea Party candidate would be someone who wasn’t a politician. It would be a real businessman who had work hard, and insured that his company and not just he had been successful.  The businessman would have no ties to any political party that could sway him from his purpose of getting our nation on track. The sad thing about our politics today is that a person like this couldn’t win because he would get bogged down by the politics. The Tea Party came out of two things wanting a fiscally responsible government and a view that our current leaders couldn’t bring the needed change. The current politicians being produced by our country are not the ones we need, compromise and common sense is what we need. Together our forefathers fought for our freedom and stood up to a tyrant and reshaped the world. Our nation has meet and bested many challenges but we did that by coming together not standing across an aisle created by political parties. The thing that I’m complaining about is how the Republicans jacked a grass roots effort for the people and by the people and there have been no visible gains for the people. We still have an unbalanced budget and the same politics.

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