Iowa Care

The most agreed upon position all the republican candidates have is that the health care bill or more commonly, obamacare, needs to go.  This is pretty much straight down the board and every candidate will agree in saying that the bill should be taken away.  Its is ironic though that the place that initially started the bill is now ready to vote it away and go back to the way it was before.  In 2009 the Iowa primary is where Obama introduced the health care bill and Iowa voted for him because of it.  It was Iowa that began the bills rise to fame, but now the people of Iowa are starting to think they might have been wrong.

This article goes over the fact that Iowa is now against the bill and wants to repel it.  The article is written in a way that doesn’t exactly say that Iowa will go red, but hints at it.  It does this with saying things like Iowa is an “unfriendly place for Obama” and numerous interviews with citizens that are very against the bill.  With that the article finds irony in the situation while hinting at the fact that Iowa will most likely go red.




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  • fiutemca  On December 18, 2011 at 10:54 pm

    The article states a valid point. Many people do not understand or know what exactly Obamacare does specifically for Americans other than spread out healthcare evenly. If American’s were better informed maybe the confusion would disappear and voters could vote with a clear understanding.
    However, the understanding must also come with effort. I am sure there are resources out there that would explain what exactly Obamacare does; therefore, the people do need to do their research before they go throwing accusations out in the air.
    I know I have to put quite a large extra effort into this election to create a clear knowledge of these candidates before i vote and same thing goes for policies such as Obamacare whether it is to approve it or disapprove it.

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