Bachmann’s campaign co-chairman jumps ship to board the Ron Paul Bandwagon

Iowa Senator Kent Sorenson, one of Bachmann’s co-chairmen for her Iowa campaign has apparently ditched Bachmann in order to support Ron Paul.  Sorenson stated “I believe we have a clear choice here in Iowa and, I believe, across the country.”  Bachmann response to this was to accuse Sorenson of being a sell out.  She said “Kent Sorenson personally told me he was offered a large sum of money to go to work for the Paul campaign,”  This is a big deal because having an Iowa Senator support your campaign during the Iowa caucuses is huge for the candidates. I think this whole situation is one of the effects of having polls.   According to the article “The news came after a new CNN/TIME poll released Wednesday showed Bachmann in last place, at nine percent among Republican likely caucus-goers, among Republicans actively competing in the Jan. 3 contest. Paul, by contrast, trailed former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney by just three points ”  In class we discussed the effect the polls had on campaigns.  If you see the person your supporting or funding is in dead last you may want to switch to a candidate that has a better chance of winning.  It’s obvious that this is exactly what happened, I mean the money may have helped persuade him but  I think that he wouldn’t have abandoned Bachmann if he believed she still has a legitimate shot at winning.  Also as an Iowa senator he wants to be seen as supporting someone the majority of his state supports. If the polls didn’t exist this wouldn’t happen.  You can’t jump on the leading candidate;s bandwagon if you don’t know who the leading candidate is.  I think this move could give a Ron Paul the boost in supporters he needs to pull ahead of Romney in the polls. As for Bachmann… I think this is going to hurt her big time at least as far as Iowa is concerned


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  • SNTRHIT  On January 6, 2012 at 4:28 pm

    I think he was right to switch to Paul. Since the senator isn’t the candidate in the spotlight it’s unlikely he’ll be called out for not being loyal to Bachman.

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