On a Side Note, Check out the Party’s Website


As I was browsing through the different party’s website, I stumbled upon this. The GOP’s website allows visitors to send Obama’s New Year Resolution cards, each with a personalized resolution made by Obama. If you ever have free time, check out some of the resolutions.  Also, I find it interesting that the GOP’s website includes a red background with blue links and blue logos. On the other hand, the Democratic Party’s website includes a link to the “Top 10 Greatest GOP Moments”.

What do you think of these attacks from both parties? Do you think they are true or just mere exaggerations that the parties put on to attack the opposing party?


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  • kessledi  On January 4, 2012 at 1:08 pm

    The interesting thing I find is the method of attack. The Democrats are using video clips of actual happenings during 2011 by Republican candidates, while the Republicans are using twisted versions of campaign promises by Obama, among other things. By using the videos, the Democrats I feel have a higher ethos, as they can easier avoid arguments that they are twisting facts and words around.

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