Mitt ‘Timid’ Romney

Recently, Newt Gingrich ran an ad calling Mitt Romney ‘timid’. In the beginning of the 30 second ad, Newt compares Romney’s economic plan with Obama’s failed economic policy. Later, instead of referring to Mitt Romney by his name, the ad refers to him as ‘Timid’. A bold move for Newt? Or, is he simply defending himself from the Romney attack ads that almost ruined Newt’s campaign. Here is a copy of the complete video ad.

Now, attacks ads have been running in the business of campaigning for a long time. Although, this ad is different and especially new for Newt. Newt distinguished himself as a candidate that was going to run a clean campaign. Yet, what defines a ‘clean’ campaign. In a recent interview with Piers Morgan, Newt Gingrich clarified his definition of a ‘clean’ campaign by saying that it is all about telling the truth. Referencing Harriet Truman, Gingrich justifies his past attack claims and negative ads towards Mitt Romney as ‘just telling the truth’. “Mitt Romney’s record is so bad, he is such so clearly a moderate. It would be okay in a democratic primary, but in a republican primary, it is indefensible”, says Newt.

Now, despite the controversy in whether this ad was considered an ‘attack ad’ or simply just ‘telling the truth’, I have to agree that this was a very witty move. Instead of just highlighting all the weaknesses in Romney’s policy and platform, it associated his campaign and him to a certain character attribute, ‘timid’. I feel, if Newt continues to reference Romney as timid, voters will actually believe it and associate Mitt Romney to be timid. This tactic was also seen in many of the early elections of the 1900s. With associating a candidate with a name, it allows voters to create a negative or positive outlook towards that individual. However, what if Newt actually was just simply telling the truth?

Examining Romney’s records, past decisions, policies, and speeches, he hints at being a moderate. Romney has been criticized for being inconsistent. In tax cuts, Mitt Romney sides on  cutting the death tax completely, the corporate tax rate to 25%, tax on gains, yet he wants to extend the current income tax (Hoffmeister). Compared to his other competitors, this is only touching the surface in tax cuts. With the economy at the level it is now, normal Republicans would try to cut taxes left and right. Romney’s moderate policy is also reflected in his past presidential campaigns. Conservative voters are looking for a candidate that hold strong republican values, policies, and ideals, not someone who is leaning towards being  liberal conservative on some issues. This is why the Tea Party finds Mitt Romney its least appealing candidate. They say that the only reason Mitt Romney had won in the Iowa caucuses was because the voters were split between all his strong right-wing conservative opponents.

Yet, going back to the issue of whether Newt’s ad is stating the ‘true’ or just attacking Romney, I believe that Gingrich poses an interesting argument that isn’t as crazy or offsetting as it may seem. It is not a mere exaggeration of a certain statement that his opponent made or a lie just to confuse the voters. The only thing is, will this ad cause Romney’s campaign to suffer or will voters see this as only an ‘attack ad’ and dismiss it?

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  • SNTRHIT  On January 6, 2012 at 4:19 pm

    It’s about time he started fighting back against all of the negative ads directed at him. It is a little sad to see his positive record broken.

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