Not all New Hampshirites Welcome Canidates with Open Arms


When watching Journey with Bush in Class on Friday there were two things that I noticed the first was the relationship between a Candidate and the media. We now know that being a media member during a campaign is a full time job. One that consists of constantly following a Candidate from city to city and  state to state so your network has constant coverage.  The other thing I noticed was the people. Other than the mooning thing it seemed that all the people supportive of the candidate and were happy with that he had come to visit. (I also noticed this in The War Room).

However not everyone enjoys A Candidate visiting them or a State.  According to an article I found ” A New Hampshire restaurant owner says he is so fed up with the flurry of GOP presidential candidates at his Portsmouth eatery that he put up his own 2012 slogan: “No Politicians, No Exceptions.””   The reason isn’t because he  dislikes the candidates themselves but it’s the relation ship between the Candidate and the media that lead to this decision.  but  of  The Owner said “There is no forewarning and all of a sudden they come in and we are overrun by cameras and blah, blah and blah…We’re trying to run a business here and this whole meet-and-greet and vote for me deal is very distractive and disruptive, not only to our staff but to our customers. ”

The Political Cartoon above also shows the distaste and unappreciation of  some people for the Campaigners coming to their state and that they my need their shovels to beat them away. (at least that’s my take)



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  • shaune1992  On January 10, 2012 at 10:41 pm

    If I were a business owner I would have said the same thing. Running a sane business is hard enough, but when you get a flurry of media and other displays of chaos running a business can get tough. If your employees are getting disturbed and dismayed by all of the antics they may just take their frustrations out on customers and then your favor with the people can go down. As a business owner I would also like a notice of a candidate visit that way I at least have time inform my employees and possibly citizens the regularly come to my place of business.

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