Obama’s New “Leaner and Meaner” Military

On January 5th Obama announced to the world that he will be cutting the size of America’s military and due to his downsize of America’s fighting force, America will not be able to fight two ground wars at once like we have been able to do so for so many years. It has always been a point of pride in America to fight two ground wars at once and be the strongest fighting force in the world. I do not believe President Obama is going to get much support for his new plans for the military. The fact that he openly told the world his plans is going to create some serious problems in the future.  We now need to start thinking about who we can put into office who will eliminate any threats from other countries and who will find a way to rebuild our military cheaply and effectively. Obama’s cut into the military was a result of budget cuts and he just cut into the military more then anybody would have imagined. I just don’t  believe that its the right time to declare such a drastic cut into America’s military system with so many signs of future war in the middle east.

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  • hartwe60  On January 9, 2012 at 12:22 pm

    I believe that cutting the military is an important issue but I think it depends on where the cuts are made. I think that the past experiences of our country in the Middle East has shown that Special Forces are the key to fighting terrorism, not long engagements in countries that cannot be stabilized. I feel that we shouldn’t just hack the military’s budget but trim or focus were our spending is going. Also by no means should we cut support to the Navy of Air Force because currently they are the branches of the military that act as a preventative measure to war.

    • fiutemca  On January 16, 2012 at 10:39 am

      i agree as well ^^^. We shouldn’t just cut the Military’s budget but trim is and be more aware of why we are spending so much on a certain project. The military is was protects our country, we don’t always know what they do or why, but we are safe and are living a free life thanks to those men and women.

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