Obama’s Press Conference with Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki

President Obama held a press conference today (December 12th, 2011) concerning the relationship status of America with Iraq. Some of what was said is that Iraq is on track to become a leading oil producer. It was also said that America will help train Iraqi military forces, but not by having a physical presence there with bases. However I’d like to focus less on the content of this press conference and more on the strategy of it. It is clear that Obama is shooting to get wide support for his success in Iraq so far. It is true that Obama has done a good job with getting troops out of Iraq and helping to get their own Government set up. I will give Obama credit where credit is due, but I will also point out the fact that our troubles abroad are just as vast as the ones at home. There are many people who disapprove Obama for the fact that he hasn’t been able to boost the economy or job market like everybody hoped. In an attempt to get more voters before the fast approaching election he is exploiting the one area he has been mildly successful with, Iraq. I believe that Obama should have been elected president of Iraq with how much he has done for them. It’s not bad what he has done for Iraq, it fantastic, but there seems to be less importance in America’s success as opposed to Iraq’s success.

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