Relations in the Middle East

In the upcoming election the citizens of america should be thinking about who is going to do a good job in diffusing tensions in the middle east. Especially with Iran. Iran could make for a very good ally as long as their intentions with nuclear fission stays pure. Nuclear fission should only by a tool for energy but it isn’t a perfect world so nuclear weapons exist for the sole purpose of protecting a country from other catastrophic threats. President has done a good job with Iraq so far but he needs to close the deal by creating an alliance with Iran as to keep them from influencing Iraq into dishonoring any relationships with the United States and her allies. I believe Obama could steady relations in the middle east but i don’t not think he can steady the economy here in America. It depends on what price we are willing to pay. Although, it does have to be said that forming a relation with Iran on good terms could possibly help America at the gas pumps by saving them money and then encourage people to stimulate the economy by spending their money at other places. There are a lot of possibilities in the middle east that America should invest in. Reaching out to the middle east may not be so  bad, and America already has some footholds in  Kuwait, Israel, and Iraq. Through those countries America may be able to for relationships with other countries in the middle east and even set an example for the rest of the world.

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