The Debate Tactic of Romney

After many debates between the Republican candidates we can see how in this election cycle that debating skills are important. The perfect example of this is Rick Perry. Initially he had momentum coming in but lost it once people say his poor performance in debates. The opposite can be said for front-runner Mitt Romney according to Todd Graham, an award winning debate coach and analysis of election debates. Mr. Graham in his article “Why Romney dominates debates” highlights the tactic that has leaded to Romney’s success.

Graham explains that as the front runner Romney should expect to be attacked but what Romney does is a good debate strategy of Defending, Pivoting, and then Attacking. Romney will defend against the attack, turn his opponents attack into strength, and then attack back with the strength he has created. The example given by Graham is how when attacked on how managing a company is not similar to commander and chief. Romney defended by saying managers are leaders, he then pivots by saying that he is a leader, and attacks by reminding people a president needs to be a good leader. Romney wins because he can do this, while candidates like Rick Santorum who isn’t use to attacks simply defend against the attack but never spin it to his advantage.

I agree with Graham’s analysis of the debates and the strengths of Romney ability to debate. I feel that Romney’s greatest strength is that he has been sitting at the top so long that he has gotten use to this technic. Candidates like Gingrich, Santorum, and Perry have gone from front-runners to the bottom in varying orders and have had to change up their technics. Gingrich when he was looking like a front-runner wasn’t attacking but now that he is slipping in the polls he is now attacking. The overall goal of a debate is to learn about a candidate’s stance on issues and comparing them to the other candidates view and I feel Romney will not be dislodged as the top debater among the Republican Candidates. The real interesting thing will be how does Romney stand up to Obama in a debate, since I believe Obama will hammer him on how his management of companies might not be that great.

The other good thing about this article is that it gave me some direction for the in class debate so I would suggest reading the full article.

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  • shaune1992  On January 10, 2012 at 10:23 pm

    I believe it will be hard to dislodge Romney as front runner as well. He has very agreeable views in my opinion. It’s also very noble that he doesn’t throw the first punch from what I have seen. I look forward to seeing a debate between him and Obama, I feel that Romney would be able to turn almost anything around on Obama while still pushing his views.

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