Mitt Romney’s Roots

Republican Candidate Mitt Romney hasn’t exactly been straight forward with how he was brought up. In one statement he has said in the past he said that he was like any other high school kid and never thought he would be running for the office of Commander-in-Chief. The truth his, however, that Romney went to a preparatory school and had a pretty privileged upbringing. His father was the governor of Michigan and started preparing Mitt for a place of leadership at a young age. Mitt Romney made a comment about how he is gonna tell people about who he his but has yet to really delve into that with a lot of detail. I personally would like to know about who I am gonna vote for and why they believe that who they are is the right person for the job. If Mitt Romney doesn’t start to clarify his statements it may start to affect his standings as front-runner. No one likes  how Obama gives the run around to someone who asks him about an issue, no one wants Mitt Romney to be like that. Mitt Romney will solidify his candidacy when he starts being straight forward with the American people, I don’t believe he has anything to hide.

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