The times, are they changing?

The result of the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries has shown several things. First Romney will win the Republican Nomination. He has made history being the first non-incumbent Republican to win both Iowa and New Hampshire and won New Hampshire with a 12% margin. Romney has weathered the attacks of all of his Republican opponents and has the momentum to get votes based on the idea he will win. The Romney campaign seems solid from any attack that Republicans could safety launch at him about his work at Bain Capital, but could get hammered by Obama in the general election.

The second thing is that Ron Paul has been rather successful in most of the primaries. Now the rest of this blog is my opinion and isn’t supported by an article but I think it is worthwhile to ask why Paul has been so successful. Cleary Paul has had limited news coverage from sources like FOX News and has a platform that we can all realize seems “different” from normal republican platforms, an shifted to a more libertarian view. Yet he still grabs significant amounts of the vote. Now from my observation of Paul he is a decent orator and a solid politician, but doesn’t have any super natural talent at swaying people’s views to his own. So I think Paul’s success is a sign that a shift is beginning to happen in the Republican voters beliefs towards libertarianism. Now only time will tell if this shift is permanent or just a function of the economic and political situation we face today. Sadly Paul going into South Carolina looks to be facing a tough road in the strongly evangelical south and without the momentum of a big win will have a difficult time dealing with social issues rather than his bread and butter of the economy and the debt crisis.

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