“Super PAC’s” Keep Romney’s Opponents Going

Under the new party rules, the formation of super PAC’s are helping other small republican candidates from going under. A few years back, it would seem the Mitt Romney would be the shoe in for the republican nomination due to his to quick wins in Iowa and New Hampshire as well as his good financial backing. However, these super PAC’s are pulling funds and placing them in other republican candidates and helping them stay afloat in their campaign for the republican nomination. A good example of someone who probably shouldn’t still be in the race is Jon Huntsman. Mr. Huntsman is a great candidate, but he just doesn’t have the popularity. Thanks to the super PAC that is gaining funds in his favor, he can afford to advertise more vigorously than he could before. Some might find this to be detrimental to Romney’s candidacy, but I see this as an opportunity. With so many candidates gunning for the republican nomination, voters will be split in many ways. As long as Romney keeps his popularity in the polls up, he just might have that nomination this year. It is also good in the fact that he doesn’t need the super PAC’s to keep his campaign going, thus showing how good he is with money. Mitt Romney has been able to keep his polls up and still have money to fund his campaign, he has either been really lucky or he is just that good at finding a balance. I believe it’s the latter. It is going to be very interesting to see how this election pans out with the super PAC’s making quite a stir.

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