South Carolina

South Carolina has voted the Republican nominee for President since 1980. So the importance of this primary is clear for the campaigns of Santorum, Gingrich, and Paul. The surprising thing about this primary is that South Carolina voters are usually considered to be evangelical voters that are very concerned with social issues. However despite this Newt Gingrich has been closing and in some polls surpassing Romney as the expected winner of South Carolina. The reason this is surprising is because the past personal indiscretions of the former speaker of the House have been reported in the news that aren’t going to help him gain any ground with evangelicals. The only surprising thing is Rick Perry endorsing Newt Gingrich which could be giving him part of the evangelical vote that had been split between Perry and Rick Santorum.

Santorum with his strong social conservative campaign was supposed to get a bump in South Carolina after being endorsed by many of the evangelical leaders. However he is sitting in 4th place even with a strong showing in the debate. The point is the expectations for Santorum were very high going into this campaign and all signs point to him not meeting these expectations.

However the primary goes Romney will still be a head in delegate and still be considered the front-runner, which his debate tactics have been following this idea. Romney just has to weather further attacks and stop Gingrich’s third revival in this campaign. The attacks on his 15% tax rate and Cayman island investments haven’t hurt and will most likely go the way of the attacks on Gingrich’s personal life.



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