Mitt Romney’s Wealth: What happened to the 4th Amendment

Mitt Romney recently released his tax returns upon the request of many critics of his campaign. Out of total fairness, Newt Gingrich will also be releasing his tax returns. However, I have to wonder what happened to a person’s right to privacy. I do completely understand that America wants an honorable president who has lived an honest life and has led through example, but there is apparently no trust or belief left in this country. Elections used to be based on the belief that candidates were the right men for the job and all that was left to decide was what way do voters want the country to go. If a man is putting himself in the position to leader of our country, I believe he should be trusted enough to have conducted himself in a manner that deserves the respect of every American. It is also my belief that a candidate should be totally honest with his past as to prevent the media from having to try to find dirt on them. Any judgment passed onto a candidate should be the judgement on their platform. That is after all why they are in the race for presidency, to propose their platform, defend it, and persuade others why they can run the country the best. I find it to be disgraceful to attack someone in a personal way just to sink them in the polls. What if they have what it takes to be the best president? It would be shameful to lose that opportunity over some moral mistake forever ago.

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  • shinnsm  On January 27, 2012 at 7:38 am

    I agree that the issue of releasing tax returns is mostly a distraction. I don’t think Americans really care what’s in those returns–it’s such a small issue when you realize that you’re picking the leader of the free world.

    On the inclusion of the 4th Amendment–of course candidates don’t have to release their tax returns, but when you’re running for president, your entire life becomes public. I understand the argument that we need to thoroughly vet candidates to make sure that they’re not hiding anything and that there isn’t an “October surprise” which could lose them the election.

    I think the underlying reason for everyone pushing Romney to release his tax returns is to draw attention to his wealth and low tax rat and perhaps add to the narrative that he’s “too rich” or out-of-touch. He’s been unfairly targeted, but that’s politics.

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