The Thursday Debate

The Florida Debate last night should have been a big night for both Romney and Gingrich. Gingrich needed to show that he could continue his success from South Carolina and continue to show he should be the Republican nominee. Gingrich need to have a decent performance last night which has led to his success in past primaries. Romney on the other hand need to have a good performance to regain the momentum that he had lost after Gingrich was able to win with such a large margin in South Carolina.

Well to answer who won and if both candidate gave a good performance you only have to look at the fact Gingrich wants a base on the moon! I wish that there was a symbol for face palming. Really Newt a moon base! I just want a functioning economy and to get rid of our $ 15 trillion deficit. So Newt shot himself in the foot and I can’t wait to see him dodge the questions about a moon base or justify his position.

Now Romney according to Todd Graham, a national know debate coach, did a great job last night. According to Mr. Graham Romney argued, attacked, responded and had a better presence than the rest of the candidates. Romney was better able to describe his opinion on the issues, tore Gingrich a part on the moon base comment, and when he was attacked on his investment in Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae he pivoted perfectly to say financial success is a bad thing it shows you would make a good president. Also Romney acted like he was a winner on stage he controlled the crowd, usually a strong suit of Gingrich. Romney won this debate but he still has to face Obama.

Paul and Santorum both were riding in the back seat but Santorum from what Dr. Watt and Mr. Graham have said lost ground by going overboard and looked over emotional last night. While Paul  I think won some votes about the questions of his fitness and simply dismissing questions he wasn’t interested in.

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