Will Florida Decide?

In the current presidential race the candidates up for nomination are fighting a close battle.  With Satorum’s win in Iowa, Romney’s in New Hampshire, and Newt’s in South Carolina, no one really knows where the race will go next.  Though Romney has an impressive lead in the polls right now the other candidates said they are not going to let him have the nomination quite that easy.  They have stated that even if Romney comes out with a landslide win in Florida they are still going to stay in the race and take there chances.  With the Florida primary tonight it will be interesting to see what everyone’s next step is.  Romney thinks that Florida is his so he has already pronounced and multi-state plan of attack.  The other two have said that they wont give up but will they really have a chance if Romney takes Florida?

I think that the fact that the race is so close provides positive and negative aspects.  The positive is that the american people are going to really know there candidate and will have a candidate that is universally favored. The bad part is that the longer they stay in the race the more information is released bashing the candidates and the more information is at the disposal of Obama in the Presidential campaign.  Due to this I think If Florida isn’t the deciding factor, one of the next few should be and that way there is the strongest support for the candidate that is chosen.



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  • jmerhit  On February 6, 2012 at 11:53 am

    I think it’s way too early in the primary to say that a single state will decide the winner. However I do agree with you about the positive and negative aspects of the race being so close. Though the fact that the canidates are giving Obama all this ammunition to use in actual election woudn’t necesarrily be considered negative by everyone… It depends on what party your in.

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