Romney’s Big Win and My views

Romney has done it again by winning Florida with a solid 46% of the vote compared to Gingrich’s 32%. The reason that this is such a big win for Romney was this primary was a winner takes all, so Romney was able to pick up 50 delegates. It also showed that Romney was able to regain the momentum that he had lost in South Carolina. So as we see Santorum and Paul’s numbers slipping it will be interesting who will pick up these voters as we approach Super Tuesday.

The second interesting thing is the rhetoric of the speeches Romney and Gingrich used in their speeches after the primary. Romney gave a great speech that focused on attacking the President policies and claiming that he knew how to create jobs because he had done it before and that the other people running don’t know how to create jobs. The best line Romney said was “Florida, in some respects, is a microcosm of the nation.” This comment serves to say hey I’m really electable so jump on the band wagon. My favorite part of his speech was when he was attacking Obama he said the President was too much like Europe and the commentator on the video pointed out Romney had bank accounts in Europe. Gingrich on the other hand gave a speech on what he would do if elected and had signs behind him saying 46 states to go. I was not impressed by Gingrich’s speech because it was the same old thing that any Republican President would do. Gingrich needs to say why Romney would be bad for America before enough American people drink the Kool-Aid and jump on the band wagon that can’t be stopped.

Now that Romney has regained momentum he needs to hold on to it. The only question is how willing are Romney and Gingrich to play chicken with their attack ads and how far will their PACs go. The ads that we watched in class were brutal and really have me concerned about both men being our President. If you believe both adds both men made millions of the backs of the little guy. Romney has stated that “a competitive primary does not divide us, it prepares us and we will win.” Now I think it will hurt him, but if voters already know about these men’s pass actions they could grow tired of hearing about them and stop caring. If this happens we have hit rock bottom as a nation when we don’t care that our options are bad, or the worst. I get why these guys are getting so much support people aren’t happy with the way things are and each has some good ideas but why do I just forget about my uneasy feeling about their past actions?



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  • jmerhit  On February 6, 2012 at 12:06 pm

    I don’t agree with your idea of what Newt should have done. First off he’s already been talking about why Romney wouldn’t be nearly as good of a choice as him thoughout this entire campain (espeically in the debates). Secondly you have to look at the whole picture rehtoricallyving a speech to his supporters in a state he just lost in. He wants to keep their support (both phsyically and monetarily) so he’s reminding them that the priamry’s only just started and to not give up and keep supporting him. So I think that is a reasonable speech to make from a rhetoric perspective.

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