Is Restore Our Future winning the election for Romney?

In both Iowa and Florida, Newt Gingrich surged until he was relentlessly attacked by Romney and the super PAC supporting him, Restore Our Future. The super PAC has alone spent over $17 million in helping Romney in the various primary states, and it is expected to spend significantly more in the coming months as the primary heats up. Because the PAC is spending so much money attacking Gingrich, Romney has been able to stay relatively above the fray, not spending his money on attack ads against Gingrich (or at least as much of it). As a result, Romney’s campaign cash has been able to be spent in other areas, including positive ads about Romney. Because of the enormous impact Restore Our Future has had so far on the race, would Romney be doing as well without its support?

I think that overall, Restore Our Future is definitely helping Romney remain as the frontrunner of the increasingly narrowing GOP field. In the race thus far, Gingrich, Romney’s chief rival, has twice risen. Every time Gingrich has risen, it has been at Romney’s expense, oftentimes from a new line of attack. Despite this, Gingrich has twice risen and twice fallen due to relentless attack ads from Restore Our Future that he does not have the money to counter. Had the super PAC not been assisting Romney, Romney would have had to spend his own campaign cash to attack Gingrich, thus weakening himself and tying himself directly to the attacks being leveled. An argument can be made that cash going to Restore Our Future would have gone directly to Romney had the PAC not existed, however many of the donations to Restore Our Future have been large sum contributions from wealthy donors that would have been limited under campaign finance laws. As a result, more money has been funneled into this presidential race in history, to Romney’s advantage.

Overall, the proceedings thus far in the GOP presidential race show clearly the dangers of the Citizens United ruling, and why it needs to be overturned immediately. Gingrich has been attacked in a manner that leaves Romney with no accountability and full benefits, and overall it has skewed the race significantly in Romney’s favor.

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  • hartwe60  On February 5, 2012 at 11:13 am

    I would agree that PACs have completely changed the field of politics. I agree that it is very shady that large sums of money are being given to elect a certain person. However I get that people have the right to free speech and we can’t take that away from people. So I propose a compromise, secret donation where no one who is giving the money or candidates have to wear jackets with the logo of the people and companies who are supporting them.

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