Nevada, I feel something about gambling should be said but this is a conservative entry

Tonight Nevada will be voting for who should be the Republican candidate for President. The interesting thing is that not once this entire primary season has a candidate won back to back contests and it looks like Romney will have a chance of fixing that this evening. Romney in Nevada has several advantages. The first is that Romney was indorsed by Donald Trump who is a well respect individual in Las Vegas. The advantage of this is Donald outspoken criticism of President Obama has won Romney a lot of votes with tea party activist. Also the large tea party movement in Nevada was expected to be strength for Gingrich but is split between Santorum, Paul and Gingrich. In addition Gingrich got a late start in Nevada and has been playing catch up the whole time.

Not only does Romney look to be the first candidate to win back to back but winning Nevada by a large margin will causes significant damage to Gingrich’s funds and momentum going into the rest of the primary season.  Also Nevada is a battle ground state in the actual election which has voted for the eventually winner 10 out of the last elven elections. Obama beat McCain by only 12 points in 2008 and establishing good ties with the voters of Nevada would be a wise decision for any Republican candidate. Currently polls are predicting Romney has the lead in the Silver State and some predict he will have an even higher margin than what the polls say since they were taken before his win in Florida.

The lack of debates and time in between the Florida primary and the Nevada primary I think is a big advantage to the front runner Romney. Gingrich can’t use his great speaking ability and present to a large TV audience. Also the short time span only allows Gingrich time to attack once or twice. Gingrich did by calling Romney “Obama Lite” and attacking him on his comment of “I don’t care about the poor”. I love the ending comment Gingrich gave which was “Imagine every possible example we don’t want in a general election.” It is a good line but cheating on your wife is something I also don’t want in a candidate for President.



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  • jmerhit  On February 6, 2012 at 12:52 pm

    I’m just curious why you wouldn’t vote for a person who has commited adultry? I mean what impact does it have on his presidential politics? Are you afraid of him being unethical while you are in office? Do you think he’s going to sell American sercrets to other countries? Or do you feel like a presidential canidate should be perfect and never have made a mistake in his life ? I’m not attacking you or anything just curious about the reasoning behind your last statement.

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