Mitt Romney won Nevada and has more delegates than all his opponents combined. The other three candidates don’t seem deterred. While talking to CNN, Santorum took the loss well. He said that as soon as both him and Romney are free, he would congratulate Romney on the win. This is a good move as the field has been in turmoil with all the attack ads as of late. In response to the speculation that he is still in it to snatch up Gingrich supporters if Newt drops out, he was confident that the race would being to be in his favor. He then asserted that he was the candidate that had the best chance of winning and had the values conservatives are looking for. The reassertion of these two facts address two concerns that are very much relevant. The quick interview didn’t allow him to elaborate, so these statements seems a little empty, but would be effective on current Santorum supporters as they presumably want to believe in Rick, even after such a loss.

In contrast, Newt jabbed Romney about his comment on the poor of America, reassuring that he won’t turn a blind eye to them. Newt continues to aim at Romney as a strategy. He made a comment making note that Nevada was a Mormon state.  This seemed like he was reaching for anything that might make Romney seem negative. One indirect swipe at Romney happened when he mentioned that he had small donation supporters. This comes after news reports that Romney is relying on big donors.

Paul also mentioned the strong  Mormon vote, but gave Romney the benefit of the doubt about the poor comment. This is a refreshing take on Romney’s interview after he had been attacked so many times on it. He also mentioned that he was in the race until and through Super Tuesday. This was a standard move that helps retain confidence that he isn’t going to drop out like so many of his peers.

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