Obama’s Subtle Touch

Over the past few weeks as the news focuses on the Republican Presidential candidate, Obama has been speaking across the nation as the President of the United States as well as a Presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. In many of his speeches and interviews, President Obama has been subtly campaigning. The most recent occurrence was in an interview with Matt Lauer on the Today show. On Super Bowl Sunday, Obama answered some questions on specific issues like the tension between Israel and Iran and on the Republican campaign. Even though Obama did not want to comment on specific candidates because he did not want to “start when the other side did not choose their candidate yet”, he did have something to say about the overall election. He said that voters are looking for individuals that will help create “all ladders of opportunities for all Americans”. This was a subtle attack on Mitt Romney who has been known for neglecting the poor. Obama explains that he “fundamentally disagrees” in a formulaic approach which the Republican candidates are trying to do. He emphasizes the importance of helping the middle class. He thinks that he can win regardless of the negative ads simply on his solid plan for the middle class. This is bold but still general enough where it does not clearly attack any Republican candidate. Lastly, Obama says that he will run a similar campaign as he did in 2008. This means that he will fight and fight hard. In his last campaign he won for his passion and pursuit for change. He wants to continue this change and finish what he started. Below is a link to the entire interview with Matt Lauer on the Today show.


Another instance of President Obama’s subtle campaigning was in a speech in Nevada and an interview with Diane Sawyer. Obama traveled to Nevada to officially talk about energy and jobs but also unofficially campaign and attack his Republican rivals. He told Diane Sawyer that he wants to “win badly because America needs it”. America needs it because Obama has a vision to make sure that the middle class is represented and that they can succeed in the economy. This most likely is also attacking Mitt Romney on his lack of concern for the middle class. Obama also tells Sawyer that the republican nominee, whoever that might be, will have a standard vision for the nation that he believes does not fit America. Below is the link to the entire story and a video of the interview with Diane Sawyer.


Do you feel the Obama campaign should be upfront and start officially campaigning or should they continue to add in these subtle hints and attacks? In my opinion, there are advantages and disadvantages in starting the campaign this soon. The advantages are that Obama can really affect who the nominee is and influence the outcome of the primaries. This can help him in manipulating in his favor to ensure that his opponent in the general election is an individual in which he can have a good chance of beating. Although, this presents issues of whether this is right for the President of the United States to do this and will this give less of a chance for voters to really choose candidates that best reflect their values. This is the disadvantages of starting early. Also, Obama can save up funds so that his campaign in late 2012 will be fruitful and gain him the support he needs to get reelected. In addition, he would not have to put on as many fundraisers which takes time away from being on the road visiting swing states or conservative states. Whatever the President decides, his republican opponents are doing very well in attacking each other and finding ways to ruin each others reputation and elect-ability.

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