Romney “The Conservative?”

Romney is still the front runner for the nomination for the Republican candidate for President, but questions of his past conduct have slowly casting doubt on his electability in the general election. The key question is his ties to the conservative base. How can a man who supported health insurance mandate be a conservative? At Saturday’s Conservative Political Action Conference Justin Wright, a political consultant, said “You repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth, that is the Mitt Romney campaign for the President of the United States right there.” I have to agree with Wright on this subject, Romney claims to be a job creator, and severely conservative Republican. However question of his time at Bain Capital have already came out and he supported mandates for health insurance as governor, the same reason that Republicans dislike Obama care.

Currently Romney’s only real strength is that he is constantly attacking Obama. Now yes pointing out the faults of the incumbent is important to a campaign, but when that is your only strength is that you are in trouble. Mr. Wright said it best if Romney keeps saying that he is a job creator it doesn’t make it true and saying you are a conservative doesn’t make it true. Also I predict Romney’s attacks on Obama will become weaker and weaker if the current economic trend continues. Romney will end up looking like a fool next to Obama if the unemployment rate continues to drop. Also Romney needs to stop attacking the President and focus on what he would do differently. The speeches that I have seen of Romney are almost pure attacks on Obama and then him letting the audience applause.

I also am stunned by what the Republicans have brought to the table this election. I won’t name names but two candidates had affairs. Two had seedy ties to big corporations with tactics that I don’t believe would appeal to the common American. One candidate that is like that uncle that gets drunk at the Christmas Party and everyone ignores. Seriously someone should have given McCain a call a least I can see myself voting for him.

Also please feel free to guess who each candidate is so we can compare answers.



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  • riccija  On February 12, 2012 at 5:52 pm

    Wait, two candidates had affairs? I think it was clear in 2008 that nominating McCain would not work. McCain was the candidate who was basically pro choice, against Clinton’s impeachment, voted against bush tax cuts, wanted to shut down Guantanamo, thought water boarding was torture, and wanted amnesty for illegals. McCain was the definition for a Rockefeller Republican. I believe the truly conservative candidate is actually Mitt, and will give the Republicans the best chance to win. (actually the best chance will be if we nominated Chris Christie, but i digress). The Republicans have only defeated the Democratic incumbent twice in the last 100 years. We really need a true conservative if we want to now.

  • hartwe60  On February 12, 2012 at 6:00 pm

    Yeah Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich both had affairs.

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