Untied We Stand… Divided We Fall…


The two party two system is considered a good thing because in theory you get opposing ideals that end up offering the best compromises. However that is not currently the case. A big reason that nothing is getting done in Washington is that the party’s aren’t even willing to compromise any more. They’ve adopted the my way or the highway ideal ology. One example of this is Republican Sen. Jim DeMint at the Conservative Political Action Conference, an annual gathering of right-wing advocates, grassroots activists, and politicians. He said this in reference to the Super Bowl “I can guarantee you that coach Tom Coughlin did not tell his Giants to go out on the field and work with those other guys….They weren’t cooperating with Tom Brady.” He believes that if people have different goals compromise will not work. For example compromise will work in a situation of shared goals like with a wife or a college but not if you have separate goals like the two political parties. It won’t matter who’s elected in the upcoming election as long as there are people like this in our government. If a president is elected without a huge majority in Congress then the minority party can just flat out resist change. I think voters need to start paying attention to the people representing them and make sure they’re being reasonable and are helping to make America a better place or else threaten to re-elect someone else.






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