In the rest of the world…..

Sometimes when we focus so much on our domestic issues, or on the primary election, it is easy to forget what else is going on the world. These are likely issues that may arise in the upcoming debates as well.

  • There have recently been major protests in Syria, which they are now calling a revolution. The protests have revolved around wanting democracy and greater freedom for people. So far, it is estimated that 5000 people of died, with the government opening fire on protesters. The Arab League went to Syria to try and resolve the issues, but was not successful, and withdrew. The UN formed a resolution to call for Bashar al-Assad’s resignation, and was extremely supported by both the UN and Arab League, but was vetoed by Russia and China. Russia is a major arms supplier to the Syrian government, and China has the belief of limited intervention. Turkey is now leading a collation of states to go around the UN, and to take action.
  • Greece, and really the rest of the Euro Zone, has been having major financial issues. There is speculation that Greece may default, among a downgrading of many of the markets in Europe. Greece has already received one round of bailout money, and is looking for more. Part of the conditions around the bailout money was the requirement to drastically change policies regarding their economy. Yesterday, the Greek Parliament passed measures to reduce the minimum wage, cut thousands of government jobs, and pensions. The cuts were greeted with protests, as many of the residents were affected. Many are seeing this Greece crisis as a vision to what may happened in the United States eventually if spending and reforms don’t happen soon.
  • The tensions between Iran and Israel have been greatly rising. With Iran on the brink of obtaining nuclear weapons, Israel is starting to fear the consequences of this. With the close proximity and size of Israel, Iran has the capability of wiping them off the map. They say that there is a possibility of war by the Spring. Yesterday, there were bombings on the Indian and Georgia diplomats, which are now being blamed on Iran. This is also on top of many Iranian nuclear scientists being killed recently. Obama was asked about this in his Super Bowl interview, and said that they would do everything possible to try and solve this diplomatically. However, Israel is our ally, and it will be interesting to see our response when they go to war.
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