Obama Revamps Contraceptive Policy

It was on Jan. 20th that the Obama administration announced that religious-affiliated employers, other than churches, would have to cover birth control free of charge as a form of preventative care for women. These employers responded with outrage claiming it was an overstepping of the government and goes against their religious beliefs. Sunday Masses all across the country assailed the policy. Obama was accused of attacking religion and lawmakers from Obama’s own party began openly deriding the policy. Women’s groups and liberal religious leaders, however, fiercely supported the new legislation and pressed Obama to stand his ground on the issue. Obama’s re-election bid was threatened by this issue as media attention began to outweigh the improving economic news of the past few weeks. All of this attention forced the White House to come up with a solution to this complex matter much faster than anticipated.

On Friday, Obama publicly announced that he was backing off of the requirement for religious employers to provide free birth control coverage even if it runs counter to their religious beliefs. Instead, workers at these institutions will be able to get free birth control coverage directly from health insurance companies. “Under the rule, women will still have access to free preventative care that includes contraceptive services no matter where they work. That core principle remains,” Obama said from the White House briefing room. “Religious liberty will be protected and a law that requires free preventative care will not discriminate against women,” he added. The fact that Obama announced this personally shows how important this issue remains to him and how much potential it has to affect the campaign. This middle ground should satisfy all parties concerned and keep Obama in the clear on this issue come election day.

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  • jmerhit  On February 15, 2012 at 8:22 pm

    I think that this was a good move by Obama because of how it makes both parties happy and still accomplishes the original goal of the legislation.

  • riccija  On February 15, 2012 at 10:47 pm

    This is not a solution at all. So the insurance companies will pay for the contraceptives, and just raise the premiums on the churches. There is nothing free in this world – someone is going to be paying for it. When did the government start mandating what insurance companies supply? Will they start telling me what toothpaste to buy? This is only a glimpse of what ObamaCare will bring.

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