Romney’s Attack Ad: “Rombo”

Rick Santorum recently released an attack ad on Romney labeling him as “Rombo”. With the Michigan primaries coming up in less than two weeks, Santorum, needs to convince Michigan Republicans that Romney is not equipped to face Obama in the General Election and become the next President of the United States. Although, Romney is the favorite candidate being that he won the state 4 years ago in the 2008 Presidential election.

Now, this attack ad makes fun of Romney for his negative ad campaign. It all began when he and his SuperPAC began running attack ads against Newt Gingrich after he was falling behind in the polls. This pursuit to run a negative campaign almost cost Gingrich his campaign. But, in this case, Santorum is using this to his advantage and saying that Romney’s negative ads “could cost him voters”. Opening the ad with “Mitt Romney’s negative attack ad machine is back on full throttle” displays that Romney fears Santorum. With Santorum winning the past three states bringing him close to Mitt Romney in the polls, Romney has responded with more attack ads.

Below are things that I have noticed about the ad and its reason for including it in the ad.

  • mud bullets – This shows that Romney is running a “dirty” campaign. Trying to shoot dirty ads at Santorum, it tries to argue that like the attack on Gingrich, Romney feels that Santorum is his enemy to beat.
  • Missing Santorum – Shooting mud bullets at a cardboard Santorum figure and missing is supposed to symbolize that Romney is failing at bringing Santorum down. Almost successfully bringing down Newt Gingrich earlier this year, Santorum is trying to show that he can never bring down his campaign.
  • Running out of ammo and then being shot at the end – This shows that if Mitt Romney continues to shoot attack ads or mud bullets, it will eventually comeback to hit him. This is shown through the mud splatter that hits him when he tries to reload his gun.
  • “Romney is trying to run from his big government Romney Care and his support for job-killing cap-and-trade” – This implies that he is trying to hide behind his attack ads. Instead of telling the truth and owning up to his mistakes, Romney is trying to bring out and exaggerate the weaknesses of his opponents.
  • “Obamacare is a blueprint of Obamacare”- With this quote, it argues that these two policies are exactly the same. It implies that RomneyCare basically provides the idea and the basic outline to build up Obamacare.
  • Romney laughing during the middle of the ad– This symbolizes that Mitt Romney thinks he has a handle over Romney but he doesn’t because he continues to miss him with his “mud ammo”.
  • Upbeat music – This adds to the comedic effect of how silly it is for Romney to be running attack ads.

Do you think this can convince voters to vote for Santorum? Or do you think this does nothing in advancing Santorum’s campaign?


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