Growing Up Ad.

This is one of Romney’s ads that are currently running in Michigan. It was paid for directly by him, and not his PAC. I have found that often times, the negative ads will come from the PAC’s, and not directly from the candidate. It is the same case for this ad, as it was one that shed a positive light on him, as oppose to attacking another candidate. Romney was originally from Michigan, with his dad being a former governor of the state. The ad depicts his childhood, and how he enjoyed going to Detroit and the auto shows. It effectively used grainy footage and black and white photos to possibly spark nostalgia. This connects to the viewer on a personal level, relates to other residents in Michigan who shared the same memories. He talks about the demise of the state specifically in Detroit, and directly blames the Democrats and Obama for their failed policies. He ends committing to making the state better, calling it his home. He uses the line, “This is personal.” I think this was an effective ad in that instead of running on his record or certain polices, he connects to the viewer in a more personal level. This may be more effective for residents who don’t necessarily follow politics or polices, and look at a candidate more based more on character.

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