Obama and Romney on China

China’s vice president Xi Jinping in currently in the United States, visiting with President Obama as well as Congress. He is expected to be the succeeding ruler of China in the future. There has been some tension through their exchanges including Obama remarking that he won’t stand by foreign competitors who “don’t play by the rules.” He further commented:

“It’s not fair when foreign manufacturers have a leg up on ours only because they’re heavily subsidized,” Obama said. “That’s why I directed my administration to create a Trade Enforcement Unit with one job: investigating unfair trade practices in countries like China

This is amid China being in the news recently for the undervaluing of their currency as well as questionable labor policies in Apple facilities.

Romney responded today with his plan in regards to China. He explains that China overtaking America’s economy and world standing is not inevitable, as we have strengths to prevent this. Romney went on and describes that these strengths must be restored.

“That means shoring up our fiscal and economic standing, rebuilding our military, and renewing faith in our values. We must apply these strengths in our policy toward China to make its path to regional hegemony far more costly than the alternative path of becoming a responsible partner in the international system”

He denounced Obama’s position, and criticized the direction he is headed with China. Romney thought the position we have had with China the past three years encouraged their assertiveness and showed fear of compromise on our end. He additionally wants to continue our military’s presence in China, and reverse Obama’s defense cuts to accomplish this. He sees great value in keeping close relations with China, but does not want to forget that a government who continually denies its people basic political freedom and human rights cannot be a trusted partner. He ends with, “The sum total of my approach will ensure that this is an American, not a Chinese century.”

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