The Weekly Recap

This has been a relatively a quiet week on the campaign trail, but there were still some headlines made.

  • There was actually a recount in the close Maine primary, and was some speculation that Mitt may actually lose this race after the recount was over. He actually gained votes during the recount, and still remained the winner.
  • Obama is starting more to raise money for his campaign. It was reported that he made $12 Million last month alone. Obama has always been a great fundraiser, and will be tough for someone like Santorum to complete with him if they go head to head.
  • Romney’s PAC has bought $7.7 Million in TV ad time in the next two weeks, including $1.8 Million in Michigan alone. This is on top of the reported $10 Million spent in Florida. Santorum will spend about $800,000 in Michigan. The two candidates’ definitely have different tactics, but I think we have seen that throwing money in ads is not necessarily the best strategy.
  • In the rest of the world, tensions between Iran and Israel have escalated. Newspapers report that military action is “likely.” NJ Assembly approved the gay marriage mill, but Christie vetoed it today. A fight to overrule the veto is likely to ensue.
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