Blue Collar Candidate

In the current presidential race the main concern for many of the voters is that the candidates are out of touch with there needs.  Due to that many have put there fate in Rick Santorum.  He has tried to make his entire campaign about how he is one those blue collar workers and wants to change thing to help them not just the rich lobbyists.  To show that first he used a pick up truck and a record setting low amount of money in Iowa.  He now has a new strategy.  His most recent speech last Saturday was about a story when he was just a young man running for congress.  The story was in short, about a dog that relieved himself on Rick’s lap.  But instead of calling a paid worker and getting new pants or anything he simply kept trucking on.  The morale of the story is to show the point that once he didn’t have anything the will to succeed in politics and now he is running for the nomination of the president of the united states.  This is his way of say that he is just one of those blue collar normal guys with dreams about keeping the american dream alive, by showing that he is a prime example of how the american dream can happen.


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