General Election Predictions

The general election seems to be far off but is actually going to happen sooner than we think.  The  most likely candidates for the republican party at this time are Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum.  These two are both highly qualified and would make an interesting run for presidency.   The problem occurs in what many think will happen that Ron Paul will instead of accepting defeat go and become a Libertarian party member so that he may continue to run for election even after he loses the nomination.  If this occurs many think he will split too many votes from the republican party and give Obama a big lead and most likely the win in the general election.  This prediction is what I think is a major concern for the republican party cause they know that if this occurs there will be little chance for them to win.  Instead they should be actively trying to convince Paul to end his run and support the republican party as a whole.  That is the only way, I think, that the republican party stands a chance to win the presidential spot.


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