Michigan race

The Michigan race has recently got a lot more interesting.  Santorum did have a 15 point lead and in the last week had it shrunk down to 2 points.  This makes the race for Santorum and Romney too close to call.  But how did Romney pull off a jump like he did?  Could it have been the support from Donald Trump I mentioned in my last blog? I think that the article I just read from the Daily Kos explains it best by saying there was a dramitic shift in the number of Evangelical voter to non-Evangelical voters.  With that put in place and this jump putting him so close to Santorum could Romney jump back in front and be the winner.  Currently it is too close to call for sure, Satorum has the lead at the moment, but anything could change outcome.  Maybe Romney’s help from Trump wouldn’t be as bad as I thought.




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