Obama Reelection

Most of the news in the political world right now consist with Romney or Santorum fighting it out for a nomination, but it seems sometimes that we have all but forgot that Obama is running against any of those that get the nomination.  So whats his strategy?  According to an article in “The Daily Beast” there are two ways to go about a reelection.  The first has to do with extreme positive attitude in his first term making a second term almost guaranteed, but his popularity is too low for that.  The second is that he will blame the opponent and say it is all their fault.  After looking at the other candidates  it seems that there strategy is the same as obama in that it is not their fault it must be Obama’s.  Who will be able to be the most convincing in the general election?  I think it will come down to wordplay and appearance with unfortunately for the republicans Obama wins easily.  The chance is still there though because people haven’t forgot how bad the  economy is and many will go republican just because of their opinions with Obama’s health care.  Due to that Obama made this a race that is much harder for himself than it needed to be.  Now its anyone’s game.



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