Republican Stand Together

In a recent interview with Michelle Bachmann, Ron Paul, and Mitch Daniels there was a consistent message.  Obama has to go.  This is the main concern for all the republican candidates.  Even the ex-candidate Michelle Bachmann said in the interview that she thinks all of the republican candidates currently running would all be better suited than Obama.  This however isn’t shown with the top runners of the candidates.  Instead they are continuing to fight and bash each other in public.  This only gives the democrats more fuel to use against any of them in the future.  The smart thing in this race would to let Romney and Santorum fight it out and Paul and Newt leave the scene, because the longer there is a four man race the more the republican party looks to be separated.  If Newt and Paul step out of the race and state that they think either candidate would be better than Obama just like other ex-candidates have done, the support for the republicans as a whole would increase.


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