Romney Needs Help

Going into the Michigan elections Mitt Romney decided he might need some help to trump Santorum, a candidate that has been giving Romney trouble with his campaign.  The help is none other than Donald Trump.  He met with Trump to get help in a way to “Trump” Santorum.  This is sign that shows the Romney might be losing his grip of the campaign and needs help keeping himself on top.  The assistance is mainly funding for more political ads, that Romney thinks will show the people of Michigan he is the right candidate.  I don’t know how this will really help his public views though since his main problem is relating to the blue collar middle class, something Santorum has done well.  This assistance though, will just further the public opinion that he is an out of touch, rich, politician.  These are the same reasons he is losing votes to begin with.  So i guess we will have to wait and see about this “help”.


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