Ron Paul’s Chances

Ron Paul has been on the back burner for quite some time and is currently in fourth place of the presidential race.  Due to this most have counted him out and think he cant win even with a huge amount of support that would be needed.  Instead people are congratulating Paul’s achievements in the Caucus states.  Those achievements might get him a spot in the Republican National Convention.  That is a big step for him and would prove he is a legitimate threat to the Candidates of the future.  That puts Paul in the perfect position to try for another nomination in the future.  This is because he not only got his name known this year, he also Showed he is a real contender and stands a chance in future elections.  This year he will instead be helpful because even if he doesn’t win a state he is taking a big chunk of votes away from other candidates making the race tighter and tighter.  This result is seen with the race between Romney and Satorum.


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