What happened to the Tea Party?

Throughout the Republican race, there has been no candidate “endorsed” by the Tea Party. Despite Romney’s trouble in convincing voters that he is conservative enough to be their standard bearer, Tea Partiers have had significant trouble getting behind a single candidate. After varying from Bachmann to Perry to Cain, the Tea Party has overall torn itself between Gingrich, Santorum, and Paul. This in turn has allowed Romney to continue in his status as the front-runner despite significant doubts as to his conservativeness. Recent polls have shown support for the Tea Party has dropped among Americans as a whole, further weakening the cause. The question has become: has the Tea Party run its course?

I think that with the way the race is going now, the Tea Party will have little impact on the presidential race. I think that the impact the Tea Party has had on the Republican party as a whole in the past 3 years has shown that they are not to be trusted by voters, especially after the antics of the Tea Party-charged House last year. The Republican party has taken up its positions and integrated the Tea Party into itself quite securely, thus weakening the cause further. The Tea Party might hang on for a couple more years, influencing various Congressional races, however in national politics I think that the Tea Party has done as much as it can do and is overall going to die out.

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