Growing Up in Michigan Isn’t Enough Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney has been trying to use his history in Michigan to help him convince voters that he is the more viable candidate. He released this video last week talking about his experiences.

In the beginning, Mitt Romney talks about how exciting it was growing up in Michigan. He reflects back on the time when he went to the Detroit Auto Show with his Dad and how the auto industry has changed since. With a shot of  an aerial view of the GM and the Michigan horizon, Romney tries to attack Obama for not helping save jobs and keeping the Michigan people “out of distress”. At the end, Mitt Romney pledges to make Michigan stronger and better.

So, in a deeper analysis of this ad, Mitt Romney tried to accomplish three things. Romney wanted to show his connection to Michigan. He states throughout the ad how he grew up in Michigan, how he has some of the best memories in Michigan, and how this is personal to him in helping rebuild Michigan. The last line he says is “Michigan is me home”. Also, Romney wants to highlight how the economy, especially the car industry, is struggling in Michigan. He explains that people are losing their homes, jobs, and essentially their future. Lastly, Romney wants to attack Obama for not doing anything to help improve the job market and the economy. With one line about how Obama has only focused on the Democratic’s agenda and not on current issues, Romney tries to convince his audiences that Obama has done nothing in helping rebuild America. In the end, Mitt Romney is trying to show his personal connection to Michigan and his dedication and passion for helping restore Michigan.

As for the visual bytes, Romney includes video frames that feature a picture with him and his father, archaic footage, and recent shots to prove that he grew up in Michigan and that Michigan has changed. Having Romney drive is another visual byte that the campaign tried to use towards his advantage. I imagine that the reason for him driving around residential areas in Michigan would prove that it is his hometown. By driving around and not being driven around, catches Romney in his natural environment and appeals to the average Americans. However, the car that he is driving was not made in Michigan. This is a poor decision for the Romney campaign because if he is talking about restoring the glory the car industry in Michigan once had, he should be driving a car made in Michigan.

Despite Romney’s connection, I feel like this argument is irrelevant in making a decision on who is the best candidate. A personal connection helps, but in the end, it should come down to the issues and how each candidate plans to solve them. Right now, Rick Santorum is winning in the polls against Mitt Romney. Can Mitt Romney keep up?

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