“I love Trees and Cars”

I came across this speech by Mitt Romney describing his love for trees, cars, and lakes. I found this hilarious as he explains why he loves these things. He says, “The trees are the right height… I love the lakes that dot the inland parts of Michigan… I love cars”. Romney also goes further into describing his love for cars by saying that he used to be able to identify a car’s make and model simply by looking at a square foot of the car. He can’t do it now because there are too many “Japanese Cars”.

Do you think Romney’s rambling has cost him his chance in becoming a strong candidate in this election? I feel that recently, Romney has been in the news not because of him winning in a state or his strong performance  in debates, its about things that he has said or slipped. Mitt Romney is lacking in the oratory qualities that he needs to face Obama in the general election. Could this be why Santorum is leading in the polls?

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